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The company

Since 1978 we are specialized in plastic injection mould manufacture. Initiative and capacity made our business based on competent work and high quality products.
From year to year, in order to refinish the production quality, we constantly make efforts on research, testing and production organisation to produce moulds employed for multi-cavity products for wide consumption like:

  • medical items;
  • closing and seals of guarantee;
  • food boxes and containers;
  • packaging for audio and video sector;
  • caps;
  • capsules;
  • aerosol pumps;
  • writing items;
  • cosmetic...

Our precision means another very important element too: complying with the delivery time. All our procedures come from experience and attention, this
allow us to operate in full respect of your order specifications and allow
You to obtain the correct mould.
Passion, tenacity and capacity are our strengths and thanks to the matured experience in moulds for plastic material, we are considered avant-garde in this field.

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